About us

INATO Ltd was set up in 2010 as a spin-off company from United Software Writers (USW Ltd) community. The company functions as a laboratory for experiments with innovative ideas. The workable ideas are developed as products and services for the market with the resources of the other companies of the United Software Writers community. INATO Ltd has well-experienced specialists with the main task to manage innovative projects. Experienced specialists from the United Software Writers community companies as well as other companies and freelancers are involved in the realization of the projects.

INATO LTD is oriented to the construction of intelligent systems with a high level of autonomous behavior. The vision of INATO LTD for such systems is presented with the following main principles:
"    The autonomous behavior is using knowledge for the work environment and the processes that are being performed, acquired through educating through a natural language.
"    Autonomous behavior is explained by the means of a controllable natural language
"    Autonomous behavior is based on models created by a generalization of the acquired knowledge and already available models, without restrictions in the level of abstraction of models

In the functional meaning, the vision of INATO LTD about the systems with autonomous behavior requires mainly providing the base means for:
"    Integration of the work processes performed in real time with physical objects (for example in the industry) with the work processes for controlling and people's decision making in the administration
"    Integration of built-in modules from the type "black box", which are for example working with simulations of neural networks that perform complicated mathematical processing and others
"    Integration with outside systems that regardless of the level of their autonomous behavior are presented through status, that reflects their range of interaction and knowledge

The following main principles and basic tools give a general definition of new type software platform. Its construction required dealing with two highly connected problems:
"    Creation of a completed system of means for machine presenting of semantics
"    Creation of new type of software architecture providing effective maintenance of the presenting of semantics and its processing in accordance to the indicated principles and with possibilities of creation of the indicated basic means.

The work on the platform began in 2011 and its completion led to creating a new architecture (Semantic Network Based Architecture- SNBA), based on a system of means for machine presenting of semantics. The created Unified Platform for Innovation (UPI) is the basis for the work of INATO LTD for creating a new type of Smart home-configuration, realizing a new loT-vision, RPA-realization, and intense R&D by creating models of autonomous behavior with a high level of abstraction.

The main characteristic of the created UPI-environment is Semantic interoperability. Specialists from Inato LTD took active participation in the development of methods and means for the establishment and maintenance of Semantic interoperability in the environment of the Bulgarian e-Governance.