Smart home

Inato Ltd. has never understood the Smart home configuration as a mechanical sum of remotely controlled household appliances. Back in 2015 Inato Ltd. has created a very advanced concept for Smart home- Smart home as a Digital Environment. At that time, the work of elaborating the company's Unified Platform for Innovations (UPI) was not yet complete, and the idea of achieving autonomous behavior through appropriate semantics representation and Machine Learning based on Root Language (RL) was still in its infancy.
Postponing the implementation of the Smart home concept, Inato Ltd. continued to closely monitor the work on the elaboration of Smart home and realized in time that the security problem is beginning to become paramount- My (Smart) Home, my (Digital) Fortress. In addition, an in-depth market analysis was conducted, which identified important problems with the deployment of Smart home configurations.
Thus, the Smart home concept has grown into a concept for Smart Home Private Cloud - SHPC.

SHPC- innovation concept
The SHPC- concept for Smart Home building rejects the vision that the Smart Home is a big and high intelligent control system. Instead of "mega control system" the concept determines the Smart Home as a space for collaboration between humans and devices which have some available embedded intelligence and granted autonomy. In this way the concept defines the interaction of humans and devices in a Smart Home as coexistence in Home Digital Community (HDC).
The SHPC-vision is very close to the vision that "technology will become so deeply integrated in our lives that we won't need to interact with it anymore". The SHPC-concept transfers the idea for "technology disappearing" into appearing of "SHPC-technology for coexistence between humans and devices".

Services for Private Content Management
The first group are for users who don't want to support their private content "somewhere" in the Internet. This content can be:
"    Family electronic archive
"    Electronic documents exchanged with e-Government authorities
"    Data concerning people and organizations connected with home/family life, problems and events
"    Business/professional data supported by people working at home
"    Any other kind of unstructured data

Services for Direct Devices Control
The second group of services practically are identical with existing services for remote control of home equipment, but SHPC will ensure single point of access and unified user interface for control of functionally identical devices, produced by different companies.
To this group of services can be assigned services for home appliances usage optimization, concerning energy saving, water consumption reduction, home security augmentation, entertainment facilities usage, and so on.

Services of the Home Digital Steward
The third group of services- entirely are based on the new Smart Home concept and they ensure resources for low cost automation concerning Children care, Old people care and others.
Those services will present the SHPC- intelligence.

SHPC- intelligence
The SHPC- intelligence will consist of a set of UPI-models of interaction between home inhabitancies and home appliances. Every model solves some home problem. The set of models can be understood as a presentation of the behavior of some kind of Home Digital Steward- HDSw. The HDSw will manage the coexistence of human and home appliances. 
The approach to achieve such coexistence is based on the establishment and support of Semantic interoperability covering data presentation for HDC-members (humans and devices) and data exchanged between them. The new Smart Home- concept does not include any direct data exchange between Home devices, which potentially needs realization of cross-transformations between numerous protocols. This makes the integration in unified HDC-environment low cost and ensures federation of different data from different sources and adds new value to those data, which means new user opportunities achievable at reasonable price.
Implementing the models for HDC-collaboration is the right way for integration between family members and home appliances. This allows adding "step by step" (model by model) intelligence in Smart Home achieving new user's value at a reasonable price.

SHPC as a mass selling software system
One important precondition for easy and fast entering with SHPC into customer's home is the entering without the compulsion of buying new home electronic equipment. Because of that SHPC will be embedded into electronic device, which exists now in almost every home with Internet connection. Such device can be a Wi-Fi router with corresponding parameters.
The SHPC software will be licensed also as a server installation.

SHPC further development and crowdsourcing
SHPC will be upgraded by adding new model definitions of concepts, data and processes, containing software for their support.
The SHPC-users will have the possibility to describe new collaboration models using existing or creating proposals for a new. The model descriptions can be made in textual form using the names of existing or proposed new models and will be a proposal for software support development. The software code decentralization in UPI environment enables build such software support by third parties without knowledge about the whole SHPC.

Potential SHPC-stakeholders
Currently, Inato Ltd. has UPI-resources to be able to build a Smart home-configuration with high user value. Intensive work on Machine Learning, based on the Root Language concept provides the future increase in intelligence of such a Smart home-configuration. But to achieve a successful market SHPC realization, Inato Ltd. prefers to work with partners who can be:
"    Wi-Fi router producers willing to achieve better market positions adding new value to their equipment
"    The producers of conventional home appliances willing to ensure smart customer environment for their smart equipment
"    The producers of new IoT- equipment willing to ensure bigger market opportunities using smaller Smart Home Private Cloud
"    Investors with experience in IT-marketing looking for new market invasion in the field of high technologies